The value of using a psychometric tool to support recruitment

Potential2Achieve have worked with PRISM Brain Mapping for many years and have extensive experience in using the instrument for team development, 360 feedback and executive coaching. We were approached by a software business in 2010 to provide PRISM profiles and feedback to support recruitment.

The software business specialises in collecting and managing supply chain information within the global food industry. They work with some of the world's biggest food manufacturers to support their needs to comply with increasingly stringent industry regulations. The culture of that industry demands:

  • a strong customer service ethic
  • fast paced pragmatic judgement which is essential when decision making impacts on perishable goods and products
  • high level of accountability and responsibility in a highly regulated environment
  • attention to detail.

Working from job descriptions Potential2Achieve reviewed 3 key roles to create benchmark profiles and revised them with the recruiting manager and line manager. After refinement the benchmark profiles were tested with present incumbents to ensure they covered the essential requirements. An interesting output of this exercise was feedback from one of the current employees that she found the job to be boring. This was evident in the mismatch of the job profile with her individual PRISM preferences. The recruiting manager encouraged the individual to apply for a new role and as a result managed to retain her within the organisation.

The organisation used PRISM extensively to build a new team supporting a growth area in their business. Potential2Achieve administered the profiles and provided a narrative to support the recruitment process. The recruiting manager was trained in feeding back the outputs of the PRISM profiles enabling a rapid turnaround of candidates. Feedback from candidates was positive regarding the support they received. Of course, PRISM is not restricted to recruitment, it also adds significant value to personal development and teambuilding. This can be summarised in feedback from the recruiting manager “In regard to PRISM, definitely the last round of account managers we recruited, we employed one who matched the profile exactly and she has proved to be worth her weight in gold! The other candidates were a mismatch in certain areas but again the profile has helped us in their development and support, so the team is working really well!”

Currently demand for new roles is outstripping supply which can mean a flood of applications for each role that is advertised. Using a tool such as PRISM to intelligently screen and filter candidates can aid the recruitment process. It also offers valuable feedback to the applicants to help them understand their ‘fit’ or otherwise to the requirements of the role.

If you wish to find out more about PRISM and how Potential2Achieve can help develop your business, contact us today.

31st July 2012

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