Three Coaching Organisations team up to advance Coaching

The Association for Coaching (AC), the European Mentoring & Coaching Council (EMCC), and the International Coach Federation (ICF), have teamed up to create the Global Coaching & Mentoring Alliance designed to advance the professional coaching and mentoring industry. After years of working together, the three organisations have created a formal agreement that declares, “As a collective of global professional coaching and mentoring bodies we seek to build alliances, a cooperative spirit, purpose and initiatives where we can partner to make a difference to the emerging profession and society as a whole.”

The Global Coaching & Mentoring Alliance met at the November EMCC conference in Spain to finalise the agreement and begin moving plans forward. At the conference, they agreed to create a framework for the future, produce a unified industry agenda, determine how to reach critical stakeholders, and establish criteria for additional bodies joining the Alliance in the future.

As long-standing members of EMCC, Potential2Achieve welcome this alliance. We believe in time it will help to further professionalise the industry for coaches and provide a streamlined approach to training and give an assurance of quality to those purchasing coaching services.

7th January 2013

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