Potential2Achieve opens for business

We are pleased to announce that Potential2Achieve has now opened for business. The company has been formed by Graham Jackson and Lynne Plater to provide support to both businesses and individuals who are looking to improve their performance.

Graham is a highly experienced change agent who has a track record of successfully driving change both in a consultancy capacity and as a leader within businesses. He is trained in consulting, Six Sigma (blackbelt), leadership practice, psychological profiling tools, coaching, business excellence assessment, audit and blended learning design and development.

Lynne is a highly skilled learning professional and organisational development practitioner, with significant experience in leading cultural change and development of leadership skills. She has a proven ability to design, develop and deliver practical learning solutions aligned to organisational strategy. Lynne is trained in coaching and mentoring, Neuro Linguistic Programming (master practitioner), hypnosis, and the practical application of numerous psychometric tools.

Graham and Lynne are both excellent executive coaches according to their coachees, with feedback such as "You have a real knack of developing people with great subtlety and skill" and "You have helped me really understand myself and this has enabled me to become a great leader". This reflects the belief they both hold, that everyone has untapped potential and that through targeted coaching, they can realise this potential, resulting in benefits for them as individuals and for their businesses.

Potential2Achieve is passionate about focusing their involvement with individuals and businesses to ensure that:

  • your strategic approach is defined and covers short, medium and long term aspirations.
  • leaders have developed the capability and commitment to achieve your strategy.
  • the goals and people are all aligned to bring your brand to life.
  • everyone in your business has the skills and knowledge required to be successful.
  • your processes are designed to be straightforward and enable achievement of your potential.

To ensure that Potential2Achieve can offer clients a full range of services and handle large contracts, we have identified key associates, covering consulting, coaching and mentoring, psychometric assessment tools, e-learning tools, face to face training delivery and learning technology. Each associate has been carefully selected based on their experience, reputation in the market place and their passion for helping people to succeed.

If you would like to find out more about what we offer, please contact us on 0844 870 9743 or e-mail us at enquiries@potential2achieve.co.uk.

21st December 2009

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