Potential2Achieve launch free Business Performance Review Methodology

One of our core values here at Potential2Achieve is having a focus on finding and fixing the underlying cause of problems as well as alleviating the symptoms. Sometimes a problem is simple to understand and easy to solve but often problems can be partly hidden, misunderstood and even unknown, needing more effort to address.

We believe it is critical to work with clients to research beyond presenting symptoms and apparent problems to get to the deeper rooted issues that are the real cause of the presenting symptoms. Only by addressing the deeper causes can long-term sustainable change be created, enabling the benefit of the desired improvement to be realised.

To assist in identifying and analysing the causes we have designed and built a comprehensive business performance review methodology. The methodology focuses on 5 key areas which commonly form the "system" found in successful businesses. You don't need to be an expert on Systems Thinking to recognise that a business requires each of its departments or functions to work effectively together in order to be really successful. Add intelligent people as a factor of a business system and the number of variables increases. Understanding the component parts of the system and keeping it in balance is the baseline for success.

The business performance review methodology will be available as two tools:

  • A macro tool which enables individuals to complete a self analysis of the key enablers for the success of their business. This generates a snapshot summary of perceived strengths and weaknesses.
  • A micro or in depth tool which helps to analyse the component parts of the system and to identify strengths and weaknesses. This tool has been designed to consider the intelligent people factor, as it is the people who make the organisation successful....or otherwise!

Over the next few months we will be testing the in depth tool with a few organisations to further enhance its effectiveness, before making it a key part of our service proposition.

Right now, to help you decide whether you would benefit from the in depth review, we are launching the free macro tool, which will give you a high level view of any parts of the system that may need further attention; either to address a weakness or to maintain a strength.

Click here to complete the macro tool today and benefit from a snapshot view of your organisation.

1st March 2010

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